We are a Japanese venture company that provides a medical education platform for doctors and other medical professionals in Africa/Asia.
We are the first Japanese company to be awarded a Continues Professonal Development (CPD) Point in Africa (currently only in Kenya), and we aim to contribute to the improvement of your skills.

We are working to improve the capacity of each and every doctor in order to equalize the medical care in Africa/Asia.

Our Mission

We have been providing healthcare services since 2014 in Kenya and Japan, and have launched our “MedicScan” service in 2020, providing medical education to a total of 10,000 healthcare professionals.

Medic Scan

  • Provision of Continures Medical Education (CMEs) in the form of Continues Professonal Development (CPD) in Africa
  • Delivery and production of medical webinars
  • Branding support/content creation support for healthcare professionals
  • Provision of all other services related to the improvement of medical skills of healthcare professionals

Online Training Platform
MedicScan Lab(Offline Training Center)
B07C, Chelezo apartment, Kindaruma Load, Nairobi, Kenya


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