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POCUS Training Testimonials: Dr Esther Wangui

MedicScan-Africa Asia Health Dynamics has over the past few years conducted trainings on POCUS with a mission to equip doctors and other medical providers with the skills to improve better patient’s outcome.

We take time today to interview one of our recently graduated trainees on her experience while training with us.

Esther: Thank you Dr Esther for coming to this interview. We highly value your feedback.

Dr Esther: Thank you Esther for this opportunity. I’m glad to have trained with MedicScan.

Esther: Let me start by asking why you participated in this training?

Dr Esther: I wanted to acquire the clinical skills and expand my knowledge base. The training was also convenient for me in terms of my working schedule. I am glad to have been part of a training group of professionals whom I learnt a lot from.

Dr Esther at her place of work

Esther: Thank you. If I may ask, how do local physicians examine patients without ultrasound?

Dr Esther: Although physical examination has always been an integral component of patient assessment, POCUS skill is an added advantage in emergency situations for diagnostic purposes as this greatly reduces the waiting time should a patient require imaging diagnostic services. It is also important in improving diagnostic accuracy.

Esther: And are there any benefits, such as income or position, from taking the POCUS training?

Dr Esther: POCUS mainly serves to improve patient care and assessment especially in emergency settings.

Esther: Why is acquiring POCUS skills important?

Dr Esther: POCUS is a diagnostic tool that is essential, user friendly and most importantly portable thus enhancing care delivered to patients. In some instances it also increases diagnostic accuracy thus making it very effective.

Esther: That is good to know.
What were the good and bad points of our POCUS training?

Dr Esther: I personally enjoyed the training, learning from the trainers and my fellow colleagues was a good experience. It also factors in our busy work schedules hence it was an efficient way of learning.

Esther: What makes our POCUS training better than other providers?

Dr Esther: I found the online material easy to follow and very educative. The trainers were very competent and readily available. The team is also very supportive and offers a flexible learning experience.

Esther: Please give specific details of what you liked about our POCUS training.

Dr Esther: The knowledge and skills acquired during training.

Esther: Please tell us in detail what was specifically wrong with our POCUS training.

Dr Esther: Initially there was a challenge in accessing the online content but this was quickly resolved and the training went on smoothly . Some of the areas e.g. Cardiac POCUS may require a bit more time for practise and training.

Esther: We apologise for the inconvenience. What other areas of POCUS would you like to train in?

Dr Esther: POCUS in trauma and more in cardiac assessment

Esther: Please tell us specifically which areas you would like to be trained in. Why?

Dr Esther: POCUS in trauma and more in cardiac assessment.
To enhance my diagnostic skills and improve diagnostic accuracy thus improving patient care

Esther: The medical world is another area where we need to work with the private sector. For example, what kind of startups do you think would make a difference in Kenyan healthcare?

Dr Esther: Integration of affordable E – health services in patient care at a National level would greatly improve our healthcare services.

Esther: On to my last question, what kind of doctor would you want to be in 10 years to come?

Dr Esther: It is evident that there has been a rise in Non Communicable Diseases(NCDs) over the past few years largely attributed to our lifestyle among other factors. I look forward to being a competent and
knowledgeable physician/cardiologist as this has been my passion for many years, and join the many
health professionals in preventing NCDs and improving the quality of life. I would also like to make
contributions in my field through cutting edge research and deliver evidence based care to my patients.

Esther: Thank you so much for your time and we wish you all the best in your career.

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